Weed Bead FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use Weed Bead?
Simply place a Weed Bead in the bottom of a Mason jar, airtight glass jar or cannabis container, flat side down; close the container and let it sit in cooler temperatures not exposed to excessive heat or sunshine. That’s it…and it lasts up to two years. No maintenance is required. Just drop it in your jar and forget about it.

Is Weed Bead Safe?
Weed Bead is non toxic, environmentally safe and fantastic to help maintain freshness for your precious buds.

Does it Work?
Weed Bead is a patented product that is laboratory tested and scientifically proven to prolong the shelf life of your buds. This highly charged and energized glass has been imprinted with optimal frequencies resulting in less oxidation, more moisture and less endotoxin load.

How long does the Weed Bead last?
Weed Bead lasts for up to one year with no maintenance required. Just place it in the bottom of your jar, bottom side down with your weed and it goes to work.

What size is the Weed Bead?
Weed Bead has a disk size of 150 carats. It is made of clear glass that is 38 millimeters wide and 8 millimeters thick. The marijuana leaf is laser cut into the bottom. This allows the positive energy field to reflect and emit twice the distance.

What is the Weed Bead’s emissivity range?
Weed Bead works within a 3 foot radius.

Is Weed Bead guaranteed to work?
Weed Bead is guaranteed to work for 6 months and usually lasts up to one year.

Does the Weed Bead have any limitations?
It cannot work through metal or aluminum foil. The Weed Bead should NOT be used near a microwave; nor should it be passed through an XRAY machine. Also, keep it away from your cell phone because it emits radiofrequency energy which can deactivate your weed bead.

US Patent Information
This method is used to imprint the positive energy field onto the glass bead. The patent states, “A method for altering the environment in a closed system which comprises emitting Terahertz radiation from Terahertz radiation treated water containing members of the group consisting of soluble inorganic salts and minerals that have been imprinted with Terahertz wavelengths of about 100 micrometers to 1 micrometer and frequencies from 300 GHz to 3 THz by means of a polarizing filter through which said polarized radiation containing Terahertz, spectrum radiation passes onto the water.”

If you’re looking to keep your weed fresh get your Weed Bead today!